Problem with loading tracks on idjay 2 and idjay pro with the idj pro

When I load a track on idjay whitout the idj itself, it’s fine and works flaw less. But when I put my iPad in the idj it’s really slow loading tracks. I first thought this is a iCloud issue, so I deleted almost everything from the cloud to have enough space. But still it’s loading tracks really slow. (Using Spotify). What to do? Is this hardware related? Also… When I connect my iPad with idj, it doesn’t automatically jumps to idjay. And sometimes also get the error that the idjay isn’t suitable for iPad. What to do?? Update? Send it back??

Hi Kenneth,

thank you very much for your post.
Could you tell us what iPad and what iOs you are using?
Do you have the possibility to check if this behaviour persists using another iPad?

Thank you in advance,
Lukas E.

Hi Kenneth,

please note that the Spotify loading speed is affected by the Wifi connection. Sometime if the connection is not that stable this can take a while, sorry for that.

Lukas E.

This is the Ipad 3 version with the 30 pin connector. And latest update i think 9.1.1?? I also have a ipad mini. But thats with the lightning cable. And i dont have that. + I dont want to pay 40 euro for just trying. The loading is now better after removing DJ from ipad and install it back again. But the other problem is that when i load a track on denk 1 or 2. on my IDAY Pro. using spotify. My cue points are not on time. I first need to press the cue buttons a few times before its on time. Looks like the track skips at that point. freeking anoying is u ask me. Cant use the cue buttons at all now.