Proper Beat Effects for Djay Pro iPad

How about integrating some proper beats effects into the app - ie. Delays that can be synchronised to 1/4, 1/4, 3/4 beats etc. and rythmic effects like gating?

Without beatsyncing the effects sound not good.

For me beatsynced Gater and Echo Freeze are the only Effects I can use with non electronic Salsa and Bachsta music.

I make a video then you undestand what i mesn

Hi Illumashroom,
With the in-app-bought extra effects (Sugar Bytes), I have Gate Planner, Gate Masher, Sweep Delay, Stutter Delay, and Quack delay. Could that be what you are looking for? Cheers :slight_smile:

Okey dokey, I see!

Hi there,

thank you for your thoughts and feedback.

I gathered your Replies and Me Too’s and attached them to our Feature Requests.

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Cheers,Lukas E. 

Hey DJ Boum Boum. Thanks for the reply. I also have the extra effects, and very good they are! However (unless I am missing something?) they do not allow me to do basic stuff like specify a beat division and adjust the mix and feedback of a delay for example. Think Pioneer style beat effects and you’ll get the idea - I can’t believe the iPad Pro isn’t powerful enough to do this, after all it can do 4K video! Cheers