Protect turntable - Better error message (usability)

When “protect active turntable” is checked a warning message box appears when you try to load a song. It is a modal system window so you have to click “ok” or press enter (when focussed) to be able to do anything else. This cam be annoying and interrupts your workflow.
Instead the given turntable/track could flash red or show a red cross or the writing “PROTECTED”.

a) This gives you the relevant info
b) Protects the track
c) Lets you continue to work immediately

What do you think? :slight_smile:

cheers, Ronald

Yes, I have suggested this also. Only allow the available deck to be highlighted. This would help with this problem as well.

You definitely have a point, Ronald. We’ll have an eye on this!

That would not solve my issue. In fact the actual playing deck is highlighted, the other one is darker (if you checked this setting in preferences, have a look for it - it is connected to crossfader).
Regardless of highlighting i just want an effectice but also non disruptive way of protecting the deck which is playing.

cheers, Ronald