Purchased new Numark Mixdeck Quad controller- Functions not seemless with djay

Ok… just took the major step from an analogue board with my mac/djay to the Numark Mixdeck Quad Dj Controller and I’m uncomfortable with the mismatch up of the controller functions from the new board to my mac…

  1. Crossfader is opposite of the actual play decks from the mac to the boards crossfader control.
  2. Crossfader is NOT a smooth fade but a very abrupt cut…
  3. Does Djay only allow both digital decks to be on only 1 board channel?
  4. Went to configure MIDI from Djay program and since Im new to this I have NO idea how to adjust or activate controllers or mapp controls.

This purchase was to move me forward and it looks like I might be returning this unit and going back to my old board if the controller and the program are not seemless.
Help anyone!!


Hi Philip,

(1) Go to “MIDI” -> “Options” and select “Invert Crossfader”
(2) Same as (1), disable “Crossfader Cutting Mode”
(3) Sorry, not quite sure what you mean. Please explain further.
(4) To remap a button/control, simply push the button while you’re in the configuration window and then select the desired action/function in djay.

thanks warren!!
I finally figured it all out… another big question… I have a ton of iTunes music that is DRM files… I purchased iTunes Match to upload my files to my iCloud then download them “DRM free” to my computer… I opened my DJAY program and refreshed library to see if DRM files changed, which the didn’t. what can I do??