Purchasing Fx pack on mac

How can I purchase the FX pack on Mac? I click on buy and fill out the form and nothing happens. I checked my email and nothing from Algodriddim or from the App Store, also checked my spam folder. I also emailed Support with no response 3 days ago. Is response time typically this bad? I’m a new user testing out the software. Not impressed with response

I checked the FX selector and I have not bought them as there is no way for me to buy them.

Please see attached.

I’m in Canada. I just purchased the FX pack from my iPhone.

When I try to activate the FX Pack, it asks for a license key.

Hi msusara,

thank you for your mail. The support normally will reach out for you straight after the weekend.
Have you checked in the FX selector if you are able to select FX of the purchased section?

Lukas E.

Ok thank you for your feedback. Can you send us an overview of the FX selector window scrolled down?

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Thank you for that, you are right, still locked. Have you tried purchasing the FX again?
Also in which country are you living and which iTunes Store location do you have selected?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Can you send us a mail with the subject “FWD to Lukas FX Pack”?

So we can check the license key :slight_smile:

Lukas E.