Putting track marks in a mix?


I would like to put track marks in a mix I did using Djay so I’d be able to skip a song or get to the 5th one etc.

I downloaded Audacity for Mac but I’m not able to use that stuff. It’s a pain. I wasted a few hours yet, reading forums on how to succeed (even if the instructions look easy, for some reason it isn’t for me!).

Is there an EASY way to split an audio file with whatever (free) software? I used to do it with Nero when I had a PC but would like to know what I need to download to it with my MacBook Pro.

Thanks many times

Hi Pascale,

Sorry, but using a 3rd Party app such as Audacity is your only option.
Try this article: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/2012/08/…

It seems like Audacity is the easy choice for this use-case, especially because it is for free. http://www.digitaldjtips.com/2010/09/…

Anyone, please?

I’d like to give some CDs for Xmas.


Is there any other 3rd party app for Mac that you can think of?