Rane 70 A-Trak edition

I like the A-Trak edition of Rane 70 a lot, and it has dropped significantly in price - at least here in Germany. My question: does it work with Algoriddim just like the regular model? Has anyone tested it already?

Hi @tafkap,

Yeah, djay for iOS (version >3.8.4) will recognize the RANE Seventy A-Track edition and automatically assign the channels. Give it a try and let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Cheers, G

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thx Guillermo, good to hear. but what’s with the rest beside “assigning the channels”?

MIDI and everything else should work just like the Rane Seventy. :slight_smile:

It may be a silly question, but still, can you use Djay Pro with this mixer and Time Code vinyls?
I guess that would be too easy, but you can ask … :wink:

Here is the thread for that request, it’s not yet supported on djay:
:point_right: Support for DVs or Time Code vinyl.

does the display work as well?

Yeah, it shows information about the FXs.


I would love to see a support of Phase as well!

:point_right: Phase Dj integration...