hi Djay,

now finaly the RANE Four is release . i really love the concept how creative you can be… the only thing is, i dont like Serato… cant tell you why. i love your setup and traktor… i hope you are working on, to have Djay on the Four properly running? including display??? love to see that…


I concur with this! iOS support would be epic with this controller. Hopefully you guys can get this working ASAP! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if the RANE 4 has a class compliant audio card? That would probably make it easier for support.


I too would like to see full support for the Rane Four with iOS djay Pro AI.


Hi all. Going to jump on here and kindly request the same thing


According to the manual drivers are required so it doesn’t look like it’s class compliant

I had a chat with RANE and they said that it is likely possible. Not sure on the class compliant piece. I think the audio card is but the deck screens need a driver to fully work. I’m not that fussed about full deck screen implementation. Would just be great if it worked with the iPad. I’ll do some initial testing once mine arrives and let the group know.

Hey @Themainman3 @Slak_Jaw @Sax_Alien @Alexanderexpander @Djdash ,

As per my reply to some of you in the other thread on this controller, I am happy to let you know that our Dev Team will be working to provide full support for the Rane Four.

I will make sure to keep you updated on any news on the topic as it comes in :slight_smile:


So, I did some testing today with the RANE 4 (great controller btw albeit a bit massive! Lol) The good news is the sound card gets picked up by the iPad, no problem at all. Sends the audio to all the right channels. So it really is just a mapping exercise. The screens don’t work, but that’s to be expected. So, I suspect the drivers are solely required for the screen pass through. Can’t wait for DJ Pro to push a supported mapping. Really can’t see myself enjoying Serato DJ… :frowning:

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hello Cam_A, oh great to read, that you are working on this :slight_smile: may give input on this: hope the display on the platter will work as well… i still love in DJAY PRo, the classic view with the spinning turntable including Cover Artwork… when you can transport this cover as well to the Rane Four… would be great… thanks for your work…