Rating for djay pro

Can you please add a rating system for tracks within djay pro.


I would also like to be able to rate tracks within DJAY Pro…

And please: where is the rating column when you do a search?

he is requesting that the app be able to rate the tracks. ALL other software allows this!

GREAT suggestion!

I have refreshed the library and the ratings column is not showing up. Any suggestions?

I learned how to do this! Go to your iTunes library within DJ Pro. Right click at the top of the “Name of Song” category list. This should open a menu of options for you to select to add to your view columns. Select the options you want to see and they will appear! So happy to have learned how to do this from the Algoriddim staff this morning

Does this also apply to Djay Pro for iPad?

For now, you can use the iTunes Star Rating. djay Pro is able to display it. Make sure to “Refresh Library”, after making a new rating within iTunes.

With respect to using the existing iTunes ratings. I can’t remember where it is but there is a place you have to check which iTunes attributes you want to display in DJay.

i have tried to make playlist at different energy levels but it would make a lot more sense to have it as part of the meta data. I support this idea.

Please see this request through, I too would like to see a better, more customizable rating system. I would like to see support and integration with the music management program for mac, Beatport Pro. I’m tired of using iTunes which isn’t tailored to tagging music for dj’s the way Beatport Pro does.


link to Beatport Pro mac app