Re-Analyze a track

Is there a way to re-analyze a track? I have one that is wrong (0 BPM and no waveform) and I can’t fix it. I’ve deleted the song from itunes, refreshed library, then re-added to itunes and refreshed library again, but it retains the information from the previous analysis.

Renaming worked! Much easier than reinstalling the app. (sorry Warren)

Morris, it was a fresh track that I never did anything with so I didn’t have that problem. For the record, what happened was while doing a party, I got a request for a song that I had in the iTunes Match, but not local. I downloaded it in iTunes and refreshed my djay library. When I loaded the song into the djay turntable, it had a BPM of 0 and the waveform flatlined. when I hit play, there was silence. I ended up playing the song right out of iTunes, but couldn’t get it to work in djay, until I made a copy, imported it into iTunes , renamed it and then refreshed the djay library.


I’m afraid you need to delete and reinstall the app (via App Store -> Purchases).

Please let me know if this doesn’t resolve the issue.

:slight_smile: Aaah, yes, didn’t think of that one.

How about renaming the file and than re-add it to itunes?

Hey chptrk, I have the same problem. When you renamed the track then re-analysed it did the tracks right speed come up? It makes all the loops and effects run out of sync making them useless when the bpm is wrong.
This is definitely something that needs changing, great piece of kit but this is a deal breaker for me.

Ok, not the same problem then. Thanks anyway, I will try that method see if it works.