Re-scan track for BPM or manual override ?

I’m using DJay on an iPad 2. The vast majority of the time DJay makes a great job of BPM’ing tracks but in a few cases it’s had trouble. Is there a way of re-scanning a track, or manually telling it what to do? The ‘tap’ function doesn’t seem to synchronise or beat grid the track in a way that allows me to sync the track using the sync button without reverting to the incorrect BPM’ing estimate. Help much appreciated.

I would still veey much appreciate this featuere. Some tracks get an estimate just above or under the desires bpm, like 127.2 for example. Really annoying since you can’t fix the beatgrid.

Hi Chris,

Tap, Double or Half are currently the only options to edit the BPM info.

Sorry for being dense, but how should tap work. I’m assuming tap is the closest I can get to manually ‘telling’ Djay what the bpm of a track is?

I take it that a track is analysed as a whole to generate a bpm or does the track get snapped to a beat grid ? If it’s the former, are track attributes stored in an xml file or something where I could manually edit the file. As this isn’t a frequent problem, it wouldn’t be a major hassle to edit this but otherwise I can’t use certain tracks in a live set without having to use a cue splitting cable. I prefer travelling light and with minimal kit so on the whole I can smoothly mix without cans which is superb.

If only we can edit the bpm whit tap , double or half, make that this modified bpm adjust the grid, because it doent doit…

I think the community would like to see a manual bpm input in an update.

I would much appreciate a feature where it’s possible to “lock” manually calculated BPM values and edit them on the fly without having to tap.