recognising strat, end times from itunes?


I’m a complete beginner finding my way around djay pro. I have a couple of questions. I have added start and stop times to a load of tracks in itunes and djay pro doesn’t seem to recognise these. How can I get it to? Or do i have to reset them in djay pro? Hope not!

If so how can I set a track end time in djay pro?

Thanks. Sorry if these are numpty questions!!

Hi there,

have you set the Start and Stop times in iTunes? 
Have you tried setting Start and End points in djay Pro, you can do so by going the selected Deck in the top menu and choose “Cue Points…” → “Set Start Point” or press “alt”+“Q” for deck 1 and “alt” + “p” for deck 2.


Lukas E.

Hi Jane,

start and end points set in iTunes won’t synchronise to djay Pro, sorry for that. If you set these in djay Pro, the Automix function will take these to mix through your dancing class playlist. Please see the “More Settings” option to adjust the Transitions etc.

Unfortunately we don’t have a manual at the moment, our apologies.

Lukas E.

HI Lukas

Yes I have set start and end points in iTunes but djay pro isn’t recognising these. Can it?

When I set an end point the track plays straight through it. What else do I need to set?

Is there a manual/tutorial anywhere?

Thanks for your help. Am using the demo version to decide whether to buy it. I run dance classes and want to run a playlist straight through and change it as I go if I want to.