Recommended hardware

I’ve been playing on a controller for a few years now but wanted to switch to controlers.
Unfortunately all three of recommended controllers (CDJ-2000 XDJ-1000 and CDJ-900) are discontinued and hard to buy. The newer versions (CDJ-2000NXS2 / XDJ-1000MK2) are not supported yet, and there is no information whether that’s ever coming. :frowning:
What professional players would you recommend to get now?

There all stand alone units you have just described. Have you thought about the reloop mixon 4? It’s a 4 channel controller with all that you need.

Not really sure then buddy as djay pro offers no DVS. Not sure which other stand alone units would be midi mappable. You would need to map them yourself if not pre mapped by algoriddam.

Thanks for the reply.
I meant to say I wanted to switch from a controller to players :slight_smile: - “standalone units” as you said. I want to have units that will allow me to play with a laptop and dejay pro, the way I’m used to, while allow me to practice playing standalone, so I’m more comfortable when I’m playing on someone else players bringing just pendrives with me