record in lossless format?

Hi Community,

does the highest output quality for recording use a lossless format? In other words is the output file lossless when the input files are lossless?

Thx & Bye Tom

Hi Tom,

Do you mean djay for Mac?

The best recording quality uses AIF (.aif at about 10.1MB/min).

The recording is in AIFC (compressed AIFF) at 2.7 MB/min.

What about on Ipad ? I don’t think it’s “the best”. could you comment on that Warren ?…

Sorry but it makes me mad to see what sometimes is done in programming. Give us an option for the recording format/bitrate !
As you can see from Apple’s team itself, the AIFC is like mp3. I see your answers everywhere on the forum, pushing on how there is a little difference of quality when the bitrate is 320kpbs. Man, we are professionals, and right now, Djay is no app for real work. Not only for this output format, but that’s another topic !
Peace !