Recording from djay 2 souds rubbish!

Hi. I have recorded some mixes from my IDJ Pro with DJay 2 on the ipad. When i listen to them on my mac they sound terrible. Ive just read that the reason for this is that they are recorded in mono? Is this right? If so, is there any way i can record in stereo from the IDJ Pro/DJay 2? Thanks

Warren, what good is the app if it can’t record in stereo with ‘Split Output’ enabled? I’m fairly sure that Djay1 allowed it. Is it some copywright thing?

Kevthecab Can you please explain what cables etc. you are using to do this with xlr balanced output?

Hi Kev,

Thanks for contacting us.

The recording is only in mono if “Split Output” is enabled, otherwise it’s stereo.

  • Which app are you using to listen to the recordings?
  • How about if you listen to them directly in the app?

djay 1 also recorded in mono when “Split Output” is enabled. If you wish to record in Stereo, either disable Split Output or use an external audio interface for pre-cueing:…

I use my MacBook to listen to the recordings once I’ve exported them from iTunes. It’s ok since I now use the XLR output from the idj pro to record directly into Audacity on my MacBook.