Recording on Djay

Hi, quick question. When I record on Djay and am using a controller with it, is the signal being recorded directly in Djay or is the signal first going through the controller and then being recorded by Djay?

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I believe that it does go through the controller as when the Eq is adjusted on the controller, the recordings reflect on that as well.

@Emily can someone from Algoriddim confirm this please?

I guess it depends on the mode you’re using your mixer in but the default only takes sound from the device djay runs on. I tested this out by using my microphone - me speaking on the microphone did not end up in the recording.


Hi @Fresh27,

As @djjoejoe said, it depends on the mode you’re using your mixer in. If you’re using external mixer mode, then you would need to configure “Recording Input” in the audio setup in order to record, which requires the mixer to support “REC OUT” (which they usually do, and this is done automatically for any of the mixers we support natively). With this set up, djay will record the audio signal coming back from the mixer/controller.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thanks everyone for your input, I greatly appreciate it!

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