Recording With Spotify Music

I pay for spotify premium and everything, but I cannot record mixed from djay 2 with music from my spotify account. I work off an acer device, and not an Apple device, so it would cost a good bit extra to download itunes. So what is the point of paying for this app and paying for spotify premium if Im not even going to be able to download the music tracks that I am trying to make?

Agaiinst spotify terms of service to record songs

Hey there,

like Owen Blevins already mentioned, unfortunately due to Copyright issues we are not allowed to provide a record feature while Spotify is used as media source.

Cheers,Lukas E.

You can’t record when using Spotify it tells you that when you sign up.

If you are using a controller, then connect some recording device to the outputs of your controller.

At least you can then record your live mixes.

Hey, I thought if you just record for personal use is OK. However, it is the matter of recording Spotify Music will have some quality problems so that I think this way may not be taken into consideration. However, you may try to download your Spotify Music with some tool will be better, like TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.