Recordings Becoming Corrupted!!

So I recorded a new set last night, but the file does not show up in the app. When I open app on iTunes, the file is there but after moving it to the computer it won’t play.

In addition, a file that WAS working and one of my favorite recordings also does not show up and also will not play.

Please tell me there is some way to save these files

No it was not. I was able to recover them using a hex editor and editing the aiff heading to the correct values… still no clue what caused them to be corrupted. I’m on DJay 2 and the lates iOS thats not 7.

Also a more important problem is the incorrect bpm analysis in DJay 2. It’s not all songs, but just enough to screw up a live set

Which iOS and djay version do you have?

Is the recording that was working still visible in djay’s recording list?