Refresh DJay Library Doesn't Work

After creating a playlist in iTunes, and performing a “Refresh”, DJay still shows original import. Why is this?

Did anything change with your iTunes collection? If not, there is nothing to refresh.

It will only change, during refresh, if you have changed your iTunes collection.

Sometimes you need to close out itunes and then do a refresh. iTunes doesn’t save the playlist until you close it.

Try that and let me know.

And the playlist still doesn’t show?

Try recreating the playlist or make another playlist. The communication between DJPro and iTunes is usually spot on and very good. In the years I have been running this software, I have not had this type of problem.

Hi Yeti,

thank you djmagicmoments for your help.
Yeti can you answer me these questions please:

  • Is the playlist being displayed in djay and the tracks aren’t or is the playlist simply not there?
  • Can you tell us what tracks are in the playlist in iTunes, their file extension especially.
    Thank you in advance.

Cheers,Lukas E.

Hi Yeti,

that is good to hear, please tell us if you can tell for sure if everything is back to normal.

Lukas E.

Yes, I created a playlist of tunes which I wanted to use, so I went back to DJay clicked Refresh and nothing.

And thanks for your reply!

DJay version 1.4.1
OS X 10.10.5

I did a full reboot :frowning:

Ok thanks for your time. I only bought the software the other day, did an import, and thought yes. So created a new playlist of tunes to use, did a refresh and nothing. This has been my first experience of it. :frowning:

Playlist not being displayed, and the files are *.m4a just like all the other extensions.
Thanks for your time.

I’ve even rebooted the Mac, restarted iTunes, restarted DJay, and then I did a Refresh but nothing.

i think i solved the issue. I am using Apple Music, and I loved the list so much that i bought all the tunes. yet it still thought they were apple music choons and not the ones I bought. even though i removed the list from my library prior to purchase. i removed all the references to all the songs, then i have redownloaded and i think the songs will be ok. just downloading now. headache now easing… :slight_smile: