Hi - I have had Djay Pro for only two days, and it got off to a great start. Everything was working well until I noticed today that in my iTunes a playlist (for example) had 130 songs but Djay Pro was only seeing 102 songs. Why can’t it see the others? I tried re-downloading them from the iTunes Store (just in case it was a DRM issue) but that didn’t help. What’s you best guess as to why this is happening?

Apple music or iTunes purchase?

Apple Music won’t work.

…addendum: I have tried refreshing many times, re-starting and re-starting and refreshing again, and deleting then moving back etc etc. It’s just not wanting some songs!

iTunes purchases and songs from my CD collection loaded onto iTunes. There seems to be no pattern. There is even one song that I have put on two playlists in iTunes, but it only appears in one of those playlists in Djay Pro. It’s really frustrating.