Reinstalling and keeping cue points

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I recently had to reformat my computer and need to reinstall all of my programs. I still have the same music library, so if I reinstall a fresh copy of DJay will all of my cue points and things still be there? I don’t know where that info gets stored.

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“Therefore, make sure “iCloud Drive” is activated for djay Pro.”

Please tell me how to do this on my iMac, please.

Unless you have saved your djay Pro metadata manually before, an overall reset of your Mac will delete your djay Pro library data.
However, you can backup your Cue-Points using the iCloud. Therefore, make sure “iCloud Drive” is activated for djay Pro.

Go to your Mac System Preferences > “iCloud” > “iCloud Drive” > “Options” and set a check mark to “djay Pro”.

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