Why doesn’t Algoriddim release more updates. Warren? MIDI mapping, stability issues…etc. It would sure allow users to have faith in this software. The area between Algoriddim and the people that purchased this software broadens everyday. We’re losing hope here. Please do something! Develop a YouTube channel so we can see that you’re actively working on problems damn it!

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I’m with Magic Moments. This software does have the potential to be great! They already have a deal with Spotify. Now all they have to do is update! If there aren’t enough staff to provide updates maybe they need to sell to a bigger more capable company. Like Adobe!

Yes! Change the policy!

“Please accept my apology for not replying sooner. I have something in place that alerts me when there is a new post and I did not receive the alert. In regards to your request, we do not discuss future update but I can assure you that your concern has been given to the developers”.

Our policy is not to release updates every so and so weeks just to be able to say that we update the app regularly. We continue to develop improvements for our apps non-stop but we only release updates when it’s substantial and ready.

Prediction: (Warren’s Reply)

“Please accept my apology for not replying sooner. I have something in place that alerts me when there is a new post and I did not receive the alert. In regards to your request, we do not discuss future update but I can assure you that your concern has been given to the developers”.

And OUR reply should be… “WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!!”

Midi mapping should be a basic thing. EVERY other software does it right.

Then you need to TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS, before they buy, that midi mapping doesn’t work for 90% of the controllers on the market right now. And please don’t ask me what the mapping problems are… they are posted ALL OVER the forum page.

And not having LED’s working makes it sometimes IMPOSSIBLE to use a controller. And how does EVERY OTHER SOFTWARE make the led’s work fine but you can’t get them working? This is happening on EVERY major brand of controller.

If it takes code to make them work, why are you not working on the code?

This is crap Warren and you know it.

And to the people reading this… NOTHING will change until you complain about it.

Get on facebook, get on youtube…!

OOh look, we have a fan boy!

When they fix the problems and stop making excuses, you will never see me complain. Isn’t that how it is supposed to work?

Oh, no one is forcing you to read my posts… so, when you see my name, skip over the post!

Ivan, no one gives a rats behind if you agree with us or not. We dj professionally. In other words, this is how I support my family. When something I paid for doesn’t work properly, I feel ripped off. Especially when they don’t tell you UP FRONT that the controllers don’t work properly.

Is this your profession Ivan? If not, get off my case. If you are using an iPad to dj with, you have no dog in this fight. This is the MAC version we are talking about so PLEASE excuse yourself from being a fanboy for something YOU DON’T EVEN USE!

And again, no one gives a rat’s behind what you think. I have been here for 3 years waiting for the software to be fixed. How long have you been here?

Users are BEYOND frustrated! The company could care less. They have one person, Warren, who occasionally writes a “canned” response to the posts but nothing is ever done to fix the problems. ONE PERSON.

They don’t map ANY new controllers. They don’t fix basic issues (keep the system the way you left it when you closed it last). These requests have been YEARS in the asking.

So Ivan, go play with you iPad and your software. Leave the dJay app to the big boys. No one needs more of your fanboy cheerleading for this company.

Here is a thought… CHANGE THE POLICY! Users want consistent updates. If you fix something, release an update.

And what is up with the crappy midi mapping? Answer that one! EVERY other software can map a controller and turn the LED’s on. Why can’t this? THAT question needs answered. You keep blaming the controllers. How about FIXING the software to work with the controllers.

And for EVERYONE’s sake, please stop telling people the wrong answer to get the led’s to work. That does NOT work, as proven by your users on the forum.

What are you talking about? We get no updates now!

We are not crushing ANYONE. We are telling the truth. What the software does and does not do. We can’t lie, that is against the law. All we do is tell the truth. Then, they either fix the problem or alienate their users…

You must not do this for a living… when your playing a wedding and your crossfader suddenly switches to the opposite deck, while a bride is dancing her first dance, then you come back and give me your opinion. Or, when the text suddenly disappears from the players…

When you do this for a living, you will understand.

Yeah “DJmagicmoments” please do go to youtube and facebook, so you dont troll all the topics over here.
The way you act on this forum, does not do you any good.
Just ask youre questions and be calm. Or buy other software.

So go crush the creator on social media and get him bankrupt, because they don’t sell anything any more. See how fast the software updates in that case.

It’s just the way how people comunnicate.

I am no fanboy. Do i like the program? Yes. Only talking about the ipad version.
I use it with the reloop beatpad. Works like a charm. Even the led’s. It has room for improvement, but it’s verry usable to me. Biggest improvement would be spotify sound quality. Second a loop count indicator and a effect indicator on the main screens.

I have no experience with the Mac version.

I don’t say i agree or not. Your communication skills just suck. Especialy for a professional.
That is the last thing i say about it.

They literally have 6 staff members, and they produce a work of art as far as I’m concerned. I think its admirable that they can do few releases–it means that they test and make sure things work before pushing it out the door, something I can’t say about many other software companies.

It’s a good valid point Magic you are saying. I saw your video actually of the cross fader. That must suck. Whether the way you go about highlighting and applying pressure is the best way or even the right way I’m not so sure sometimes. We are all different in our approaches I guess. For me the djay pro for I pad works really well apart from 3-4 niggles which have been ongoing for a while. Could an update have come out sooner? Probably