Reloop Beatpad 2, Mixtour and Mixon 4 firmware update for iOS 10

Hey guys,

as you might have already noticed, in oder to use the Reloop Beatpad 2, Mixtour and Mixon 4 with an iOS 10 device you need to update the controllers firmware.

You can find the instructions and the download link of the according firmware here…

Beatpad 2:


Mixon 4:

Lukas E.

Although the Mixon 4 is lightning adapter, you can still use it with a 30pin device using the USB cable supplied & a CCK. OK, so your old iPad isn’t charged & you’re limited to djay 2 (& another well knownDJ app)…but works well.

I would love to update my mixon 4, but i don’t think it is out yet. I pre-orderd…

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I take it that’s the FW update that was released a month ago for beatpad 2? If so already updated. I noticed the gain level thing after the update.

It depends on the controller you’re using. At the moment you run the update, it explains wich buttons you have to press to set your controller in update mode.

I’ve updated my Beatpad 2, easy thing to do.

Hi how do you actually update the controller I understand downloading onto my,atop but don’t understand how to change it from there

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So I download the update to my laptop then connect the controller and beatpad and update., so o don’t need Djay on my laptop ??? Just about to get I pad pro upgrade from ipad4 gen and read that if its os10 then it will need updating