Reloop Beatpad - Beat Grid Set Button!

Hi Mods,

I’ve recently purchased a reloop beatpad, whilst you can control all the features & fx from the controller but what would have been nice is a button to alter/set the beat grid instead of having to touch the iPad.

Is there anyway you can map a button?



Hi Nick,

MIDI Mapping is currently not supported on djay for iPad.

I would love to see this implemented on the reloop too. I’m sure it would be easy to do because there is a shift key on the reloop. I don’t think we need to map it. It should be in an update.

Creo que sí lo mapeas en djay (Mac or pc) y Tomas el mappin y lo pegas en el ipad debe funcionar ( modificado) es buena idea, lo haré

I have reloopbeatpad