Reloop Controller review

First I want to make it clear that my review is based on information I could find online form the manufacture. I look forward to others comments regarding my observations.

Reloop Neon.
I own this controller and use it to augment the functionality I already have from a basic bare bones controller. I really like the 8 touch pads and the powerful amount of things I can do with it across 4 decks like hot cues, hot loops, slicer, samples etc. $150 US
Downside is even though I can write or modify existing midi files, it is not native to Djay pro and much of the functionality is not that accessible due to MIDI limitations in being able to know current state.

Reloop Beat Pad 2
I like the dual integrated 8 touch pads. This controller comes with XLR outputs and unbalanced outputs. It also comes with RCA inputs with 2 impedance settings to line-in a turntable or other device. Retails for $599 US
Downside no XLR mic input, It only natively supports 2 Simultaneous Decks. I saw complaints about loop size presets not to most peoples likening.

Reloop Mixon 4
I am very impressed! Supports 4 decks at once, I like the pads close to the front as opposed to the jog wheel. Lots of on controller whistles and bells.
Downside Price $799 US, No RCA inputs, No XLR MIC input. Because of these things really still need my mixer to feed audio system instead of native from controller.

Not sure if this goes under question, idea, praise or problem. Has all of these things.

What is the question?

I use the mixon and added a 3 channel mini microphone mixer. I use one channel for aux input, going from stereo 3,5 jack to mono 6,3 jack for phone and stereo rca to mono 6,3 jack for cd player or someting else. It works.…

The question is does anyone else have something to contribute to the observations of my review of these controllers. I think I would buy the Mixon 4 if it had come with an AUX RCA in. It is nice to have an external input just incase you need an external source for additional effect or music. Without that it sort of defeats the purpose of the XLR direct out as I would still need to take it to a mixer before going out so I could inject the additional input. The Beatpad 2 offers an RCA aux in but is only a 2 deck mixer.

The mic in is only mono in so you would loose stereo separation for whatever you are inserting. but I like the work around.