Reloop Mixtour / Djay Pro (iPad) Engaging Effects

I absolutely love what Reloop did with the Mixtour and I love DJ Pro.
One thing that’s driving me insane and seems like a huge OOPS.

There is no way to control the dry/wet effects level before engaging on the Mixtour? This seems to almost defeat using the effects at all.

Yes I know… you can use your pinky finger to try and adjust it awkwardly and painfully and gently on the iPad screen itself but this is just torture. There isn’t a realistic amount of room to make adjustments comfortable or precise. It’s so hard to get it right, especially quickly… it’s also RIGHT next to the tracks grid, etc.

Just not practical or well thought out at all.
This NEEDS to be done by a piece of hardware…

If only there was a way to Map another controller to the iPad to control dry/wet on all of the effects.

Am I the only one that thinks that an effect being engaged with full WET is kind of ridiculous?

Seems like a big deal.

Maybe there is an easy fix for this that I am unaware of?