Reloop Mixtour - Doesn't charge tablet when connected


I’m just wondering if my tablet should be charging when the Reloop Mixtour power supply is plugged in via mains/wall socket? I hear this works on ios, but shouldn’t this work on Android, too? It simply drains my battery in a few hours just as if the Reloop wasn’t plugged in to the mains.

I’m guessing you won’t like this reply: the 4-pin USB jack probably will not pass power like the 8-pin iOS connector on the back of your Mixtour.
Lucky for you - when you upgrade to an iOS device, the featureset and functionality of the app (djay) will increase (as well as support from algoriddim) accordingly:

I just changed from an android tablet to an iMac, and let me tell you: it was like going from trying to do something with one screwdriver, to having a whole workshop at my disposal. even an older (slightly…or even refurbished by Apple) iPad will make you wonder how you’ve made it so long or done so well without it.