Reloop Mixtour jog whell seek

I just purchased the Reloop Mixtour.
I would like to know whether to Djay Pro on Mac Pro i can map the library wheel so that it can also act as jog seek on deck…
For example, I could use the combination of the Fx button on deck and library wheel ?
Thanks in advance.

I did not know it could be used only the shift key in combination with other…
I thought they could be used more combinations.
It seems to me then that there are no other positive solutions…
but in general how can I check how much a deck is active and selected?

I also wanted to know if there was a way to be able to change the length of the Loop because now only reduces by pressing shift + loop but does not allow to increase…

You can reprogram buttons and dials to do as you want of course.

However, the only button you can use in combinatuon with the others is shift. So you could use shift and library wheel or shift and filter dial for example.

Problem is that flter dial does not spin and library wheel there is only one to control 2 decks.

Workaround could be to assign to the library wheel to “selected deck” but you’d need to be sure you had the right deck in focus before spinning the dial.

Alternative would be to assign buttons to skip bavkwards and forwards? Maybe reasign Shift CUE and shift PLAY to skip each deck?

Hi there,

You can increase the Loop length with Shift+Sync.

Also please note that the Mixtour has a Track Seek function mapped by default. Select the deck you want to go Seek by pressing one of the two “T” - Mode buttons right underneath the “Master” and seek with the library wheel.

Lukas E.