Reloop - TM8 mapping file for djay Pro

I can’t get my Reloop Terminal Mix 8 mapped properly. Any other TM8 users out there who have tacled this problem and want to share their .djayMidiMapping file?

It would make 1 noob incredibly happy.

Do you have any specific problems on that? Maybe I can assist you…

@Dimitris: Could you solve all of Cornerlis’ issues or do you need any further assistance?

Great work, Dimitris! We would love to have the mapping, as well. You can sent it directly to “”.

Not working:

  • Sync
  • Multiple decks (for now I am using 2 decks instead of 4)
  • LEDs, the most annoying thing is the level meters not working

I would love to use the mapping file Dimitri! Could you upload it somewhere?

Dimitris, I would love to have the mapping file! Could you upload it somewhere?

Thanks Dimitris!

Have you managed to fix that? If yes can you share the configuration file?

I have finished the mapping with Terminal Mix8 . If you are interested I can share.

I did that already as a seperate forum topic , please check:…

@Adrian. I have not faced the issues that Cornelis describes. I am using the latest firmware for Terminal Mix8 and Sync , Multiple decks and LEDs are working except the following minor issues:

  1. Some buttons must light always and not just light up when you press them. For example : the Area button, the View button, the Stutter button etc.
  2. When a track is loaded in the Deck 1 the button that you do that (button 1) should light up , identifying that a track is loaded. When the deck is empty should light off.
  3. The terminal mix 8 has eight pad buttons and 4 different features (Loop, cue, Sample, Slice). It should be possible to change the color of the pads for every different feature I use.

No problem, I am glad to help if you have any issues.
I dont know if you have upgraded the Terminal Mix8 to the latest version this video is helpful to for this controller :…

new version :…#

Hello Gerry. Nice to hear that someone using my shared mapping file. I dont rememeber if in the last mapping file I have added the proper jog pitching. Check it out and let me know.

Also i have added some features with the ctrl button. For example you can change the FX sounds using CTRL+FX

I spent a lot of days testing it out…so yes it needed some work.

Hi Dimitris, I just bought the Terminal 8 today. I used your mapping file for Djay Pro on Mac and it looks all good. Most functions are good. Im going to use it on a live gig tomorrow night, see how it goes. Thanks for sharing the file, must have been hard work