Remix Features for Djay

Basically, redesign the sample interface (again) to make it much more useful for live remixing. Two sets of 16 sample slots (with each set being called a loop matrix) able to play audio, control DAW instruments (logic pro or reason come to mind) through MIDI notes, and loop said audio or MIDI note files. It’d work off of the already existing samples folder, you could put the MIDI clips into that folder for access in Djay, and would include a separate browser, shared by the loop matrices (plural of matrix), from which you could drag audio or MIDI clips onto them. Each loop matrix has multiple pages. Each page can contain 16 loops, but you can only use one page at a time. You could also save a snapshot of the entire matrix which could be easily called up from the loop browser.
So, any questions?

I agree a separate sampler would be awesome

that’s almost exactly what I was talking about Jake! It’d be like Traktor’s remix decks, just without the limitation of not being able to play two samples in the same column at the same time.

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I think that if Algoriddim were to add better remix features to Djay it would cement itself among the top virtual DJ apps, maybe even put itself above traktor if it did it right (e.g. - being able to use more samples at once or adding synths). Heck, they don’t even have to put these features in the regular version of Djay, they could release a version designed specifically with the remixing DJ in mind. Thoughts (again)

c’mon people! expound! add! discuss! debate! do something!!! this could very well be the biggest feature added to Djay since they added FX and bounce looping!

I think they should implement another deck specifically for sampling like Traktor do. It would be so much better to have two greats tracks playing alongside and being creative with the sampling.