Request Failed: internal Server error (500), every night from 9:30 to 10:15 EST

We are getting…Request Failed: internal Server error (500)…every night from 9:30 to 10:15 EST…this info is from 5 different locations, same State ¶. …Can you fix this issue?

Hi there,

thank you for pointing this out. 
We are investigating the problem. @Stephan Jacob you where able to reproduce this issue for 3 times by now?

Lukas E.

I found a work around…Cant build a queue but it works:
Instead of picking your song from playlists in DJay Pro, pick your song from same playlists in Spotify…Drag and Drop on your open Deck…Try it…Text what you think

it went back to normal at 10:45 here…but for next time(for me thats tomorrow)…try my workaround…

during that time I put Both Djay Pro and Spotify on screen with Dual View…It makes it easy to drag and drop…

It starts at 9:45PM on the dot and ends at 10:30PM EST, everyday, Guys please fix this, I have been recommending this software to dozens of DJs but, with this issue and the sporadic song skipping, it is getting harder to do so

It has been happening every night past 2 weeks at least in 5 different locations all in PA

thank you to algoriddim, tonight for the first time with no errors at 9:30 to 10:30, just hope that it didn’t move to a different time…
for me, the only thing left to fix now is the occasional skipping of song, I get a “BOOOO” every time from the crowd…It is embarrassing !

I’m getting it also. how to fix. I get this only when in DJ Pro


Mine started working

Same for me. This has happened repeatedly for weeks. I’m going to have to stop recommending this to other DJ’s because it’s just not reliable.