Requested Cool Improvements.

Djay has been an amazingly stable and reliable part of my business. 3 modifications would make it way better.
1: A remaining time left for the Automix playlist.
2: In Automix, when a spontaneous song is manually tossed onto a cued up song, the song being replaced goes away. I’d like to see it get put back into the active playlist cue. I always have to go find it again to play it a little later.
3: A small window to place important songs that are requested, or need to be played at some point, but you don’t want them in the active Automix playlist cue.

These changes would make djay the best piece of software on my computer.

I posted an idea about a year ago, it was to be able to lock the speed of both turntables & then when you adjust one it adjusts the other deck the same, so you could say have a dance record playing at 128 bpm, mixing into another record say around 115 bpm for example, so when u begin to mix the 115 bpm obvs sounds to fast, then u stylishly reduce the speed on one deck & it controls both the turntable speeds…slowing the 128 bpm song down to the newly playing record.

I’ve heard this done on kiss fm, it sounds great…& a great way to mix tunes of different bpm.