Return the Cue functionality to how it was.

In the most recent update to Djay the functionality was “improved”. You can only set the cue point when it’s in the “settable state”, which is achieved by pausing the deck.
The current process is:

  1. press play
  2. press pause
  3. tap the cue button to set a cue point

This is a terrible “improvement”. By creating a “settable state” the software has eliminated a very common vinyl brake style DJ technique.

1.Press Play
2.Press Pause allowing the track to wind down.
3.Press cue to return to the cue point.
4. Press Play or Press and Hold the Cue.
5.Rinse, repeat, etc.

This stutter play, wind down technique is a huge part of my and many other DJ’s style. It’s how CDJs work and it’s how other software works. It’s pretty much the standard functionality for the industry.

Please return this functionality to Djay. Or at least add an option in the Settings to allow us to pick which functionality we want.


I also don’t get this. How is the current behavior an advantage?

When using a controller, simply pressing and holding the CUE button to set a new cue point would also be a far better, faster and consistent solution in my opinion.

I see your point, I’ll pass this on internally for discussion.

Yes. Or you press Play/Pause on your control surface. They do the same. But both place the Cue in a “settable state” meaning if you touch the Cue button it sets a cue point instead of jumps to the cue point.

The problem isn’t the brake, it’s the re-setting of the Cue point.

Has anything come of the internal discussion? This “settable state” is pretty much in the way 100% of the time.

Don’t you just turn the light off like on a 1210?