Sampler Rec Midi Mapping

I didn’t find this button to map…

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for pointing this out. Sample sequence recording is currently not available as a MIDI command.

I’ve forwarded this request to our developers and we want to thank you for helping us improve djay.

And with the frequent use of the sampler, I also felt the need to be able to map a button to the “Clear Recording” function, to make the idea of ​​creating a beat, erasing it and creating another one more dynamic.

Hi Fernando,

MIDI actions for the sampler sequencer were added in djay PRO AI (3.1.4 for Mac and 3.7.6 for iOS).

We hope this helps your workflow. Let us know if you ever have any other ideas or requests like this.

Cheers, G

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Woow!! Next weekend, when I will have more time, I will do numerous tests… Thank you very much my noble and the whole team. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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