Today I saw a video on YouTube, where a DJ used the an iPad with the iDjay Pro from Numark and there was a menu with Samples he could use, but I can’t find this menu. Does it only work with the Controller, or am i just blind?

The sampler will be added to djay in one of the upcoming (free) updates. We’re still working on making it kick ass. :slight_smile:

Tap “Edit” and then click on the “+” icon for the sample pad. Go to “My Samples” and click on “>” or “i” to rename the sample.

Can’t wait for sampler…few creases still to iron out but slowly putting CDJ’s to the sword!!

Well done algoriddim!!

That’s a good idea and I’m wondering this too, can the samples be beat matched?

l totally agree… i have a slew of samples that i’d like to incorporate into my idj Pro, problem is, i can add them, but i can’t rename them. there definitely needs to be an update to allow for renaming or editing of samples/ samplers. I hope someone is listening to our concerns

I hope someone is listening about renaming the samples.

I know. But my question was another one.
can i use the live-sampler just with the app or does this function appear only if the controller is connected?

Thank you, Warren.:slight_smile:…

That’s the one and it is from Numark… Please explain is the sampler function in an upcoming release or was it pulled from this latest release?

I’m not seeing the option either with or without the controller.

Using with an ipad 2 on Djay 1.6. I cannot find the option on screen anywhere.

I willl try with an ipad 3 tonight and see if it is a new feature only for the new ipad. e.g. like many IOS 6 functions :frowning:

so you mean lots of assignable trigger pads, with individual effect assignable with individual eq and looping capability :slight_smile: ok I’m asking too much of an ipad… :slight_smile: Thanks for the response.

It would also be good if you could do loops that sync to the bpm and can pitch shift them on the fly. Not sure if an ipad can handle that.

I have a ipad 3 and idj pro, and also can’t find sampler.
I mail Warner (djay staff) and reply to me that sampler will be included in new free release of djay.
I hope I arrive quick with also a timetempo lock on/off and also a History of song played.
It’s perfect if algo insert also auto gain sensibility select -3 db, 0 db, etc…

I’m wondering the same thing about the sampler. I watched the video and Numark featured a sampler in there video and list it as a feature on their website. I was all pumped, only to be thoroughly disappointed to not find the sampler feature on my iPad 2 version of Djay. What’s up? Is this a iPad 3 feature only? I don’t have a way to answer this question, so I need the answer help. Thanks!

Anything yet?

It would be beneficial if we could rename/edit the samples as we create them…much easier to remember then sample 1, 2 , 3.

There is already an “Edit” button, could we have that ability added on the next upgrade?

does somebody know how to rename the sample

I hope someone is listening about renaming the samples.

Just got the app, its DAMN GOOD!!! Been djing for 25+…it offers alot that a pro can use on the fly.
Would LOVE to see a button that will gradually bring the tempo to its normal state…versus the dbl tap spring launch…in any event…I LOVE IT…after checking out the comp!..
Im Sold!!

Thanks Algoriddim!
“Any Shirts?.. I Would love to represent what software i’m rocking the crowd with”