Saved loops and sample loops

You must be close to implementing this. When you do as well as all the other stability stuff then you have a killer software that will be as good or better than them all.

Any developments?

Hi Dysfunk DJ,

thank you for your feedback. Saving loops is definitely on our agenda and sharing your feedback and thoughts is always helping to push the implementation. 

Also thank you for your activity in our community.

Lukas E.

Good to keep pushing Majik it really is but I will be very surprised if it’s implemented this year. Was initially suggested 3 years ago.


I know that Algoriddim wants to keep the UI clean; perhaps a long press on a cue point button would open a small pop-up window where one could select the length of the loop to be saved.

I’d gladly open up my wallet some more for this feature! It would make live remixes so much easier to perform.