Saving auto mix playlists to use later

Hi apologise if this is an easy answer but I am new to algoriddim.
If I compile a playlist at home via the auto mix auto play menu etc how can I save it for the gig later?
I compiled a great queue list of songs in the auto play playlist facility only to find they had disappeared when I turned my ipad on at the gig. Wasted loads of time and had no playlist ready - not good?

Also, sometimes when I do a search for a song and go to select it to add to the queue the ‘done’ button doesn’t show even though the track greys out once selected? Weird? I have abandoned this method and slide songs across to a new playlist now, at least that works :slight_smile:

Hi Graham,

Theoretically, the Queue should persist even after quitting the app. How exactly did you compile the queue?