Search feature and full screen mode in auto mix queue iPad version

I have a couple of suggestions for you DJay software on ipad platform. The idea I have is to incorporate a search feature in the auto-mix queue window. I notice you can search for tracks when doing the left or right table but not in the auto-mix queue. My next suggestion would be, to be able to make the auto mix queue window be full screen. Again just like you can do with the left and right table. These are just ideas.

Indeed, the alphabet index on the full careen would be greatly beneficial in auto mix! Also, a count of remaining tracks on the auto mix button on the main screen would assist too. If I get many requests, I may need to remove some planned songs, or if going away from the mic (console), the number of songs with a remaining time would be excellent!

I am finding that searching for a song by name is indeed very tedious in auto mix. I am using the new song to find the album or artist, then going back into aunt mix and searching it that way. Scrolling down I unintentionally either choose a song or, more often, close the search.