Search my mac no longer working

First, I love the software…
I recently removed the folders I had added as they were sitting on my desktop and that slows computer performance and moved them to my documents. I then added the folders once again to Djay Pro using add folder. Now my ‘search my mac’ function won’t work. I even tried putting the folders back on my desktop and adding from there but still no joy. Can you help with this as I need to be able to search for tracks mid-set.

Promoting another software here? They will boot you for that, I am sure.

I just made a topic about this also. Except the function crashes the program.
Happened to me on the w’end, mid gig and a packed room. Took about 20 - 25 seconds to restart… felt more like 10min with everyone looking at the booth.

Hi there,

which djay version and operating system are you using?
That would help us a lot in order to understand your issue.

Lukas E.

Answered in your thread.

Lukas E.

Hi Jack Quinn,

thank you for your post. In general, have you found a way to reproduce this deck freezing behaviour, that would be very helpful. Nevertheless we also suggest you to update your macOS, which is another step we always recommend.

Would that be possible for you?

Lukas E.

Do you upgrade to Mac OS Sierra?

No It’s OS X Yosemite

Hi Lukas,
It’s the latest version of djay pro
My computer:
OS X Yosemite
version 10.10.5
Mac Book Pro (13-inch, late 2011)
2.4 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 4 GB 1333 Mhz DDR3

Sorry for late reply but I fixed the issue with search - I had turned off spotlight to save on CPU but that was affecting the search in djay pro. So I thought happy days and continued djing away till last Sat when djay pro began stopping altogether mid song - it happened twice - it would freeze playing in one deck and be unable to play again. I had to quickly load another track in the other deck if one wasn’t already cued and fade - then reload the faulty deck - which was always the right one btw. After it happened twice - I went to my mp3 player in my mixer so I could restart the computer. But it happened again whereby (as I was testing each cued song at this point) and one time the track loaded (right deck) but would not play, but when I reloaded it, it played.
I have done everything suggested in this blog about optimising your mac for djing… including turning off wifi etc.
Frankly I am very nervous about using djay pro professionally again. It’s a shame coz I really love its functionality.
I hope you can help.

Ps. djay pro version 1.3.1

Pps. I analysed all my tracks in library which solved a glitching problem I was having. But this tracks freezing is not helped by that. Thanks

Hi Lukas,
This deck freezing only came about at the gig on Sat. It isn’t an over heating issue as I have it on a stand and an app to regulate heat. I have followed instructions you gave in another post answer with momentary freezes:
I have updated my OS - by update you don’t mean upgrade to Sierra from Yosomite?
I have disabled motion sensor. I have found out which is the ‘good’ usb port. I will test it tmw to see if there are freezes and if not I have a gig on friday where I will test it for 4 hours…it’s background music so I can risk it.
Thanks for your prompt reply!

"Lukas E (Official Rep) 7 months ago
Hi there,

thank you for your reply.

Could you give us feedback about the following troubleshooting steps:
Keep your OS X and djay Pro updated.
Check if your controller is running with the latest firmware.
If your Mac is using a non-SD hard drive, disable the Sudden Motion Sensor
Double-click on the Macintosh HD icon on your desktop (this would be your system drive if you have renamed it to something else).
Go to the Applications folder.
Go to the Utilities folder.
Double-click on Terminal.
Type sudo pmset -a sms 0 and press Return (typing in ’0′ disables it).
Enter your administrator when prompted.
Type sudo pmset -g to verify that this has been applied. To re-enable Sudden Motion Sensor:
Go back to Terminal following the above steps.
Type sudo pmset -a sms 1 and press Return (typing in ’1′ re-enables it).
Enter your administrator when prompted.
Type sudo pmset -g to verify that this has been applied.
If you connect an external hard drive right before mixing, please wait till the Spotlight indexing is being finished
Check your USB cable or try with another cable.
Make sure your USB cable is connected to the “good” USB port, see"

Hi Lukas,
So the a track glitched again during my gig last Saturday night. The track didn’t freeze completely like before but stopped for a couple of seconds and then kept going. I had reanalyzed all tracks beforehand. I played a gig on Sunday and analysed beforehand and it didn’t glitch - though that was a short 2 and a half hour show, while the one on Sat was 4 and half hours and it glitched towards the end. Any idea what the problem could be?
I have now subscribed to serato with a view to using it if this continues. But I’ll be honest, serato is not very good but I am told it never glitches or freezes.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Lukas,
I juts wanted to update on this.
It turs out it was a hardware problem.
Once I increased the RAM to 16 GB and fixed breaks in the hard drive and also address cooling problem it works perfectly now. it’s a 2011 Mac so I would recommend to any user to consider 2012 and above as the cooling fan in 2011 and below doesn’t serve the whole motherboard and so you will get overheating, which is deadly for djing software.
Thanks for your help.