Search within a playlist

In the previous version, I was able to search within a playlist and now the search only searches the complete library. is there a way to seach within the playlist and also able to add/remove columns from the search list?

Well, the search feature was available in the previous version. just like iTunes, if I have a playlist selected, and I type any keyword in the search tool, iTunes will only search in that selected playlist.

For the search result column, I would like to be able to add/remove other search criteria columns. for example, if I search for a song, I cant tell which album it is from. I would like to add/replace some unneeded column with the album column in my search. I several songs which have the same name but are from different columns.

I’m sorry, you neither can search through one playlist only, nor is it possible to delete columns from the search list. Why would you need these features?

We paid attention to your request and implemented the option to assign the search box to an individual playlist.
Update to djay Pro 1.1.1 and check it out! Hope you’ll like it!