Second Sort Key

As a user, I would like to add additional sort keys to my music.

Our music libraries often contain different versions of songs, but if I sort by “Key”, variations of songs are not sorted by Title, so variations of the same song do not appear sorted by “Key + Title”.

Granted as an alternative, one can select a Filter (e.g. Key) and then sort the list by Title. Unfortunately
Filters are not persistent and constantly have to be re-selected.

  1. Press the Sort button.
  2. Select a sort key (e.g. Key).
  3. Sort key appears to the left of the Sort button
  4. Press Sort button again
  5. Select a 2nd sort key (e.g. Title)
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Searching could use love.

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Browser actually need a lot of improvements. By my opinion it’s the weakest part of software.
One of easy improvements is is dual column sorting, serato-style. It’s extremely useful.

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Hi @ncianca,

Thanks for the suggestion!

This makes sense and it seems like a practical solution for even better track sorting so I will pass this along to our dev team for further consideration.

Have a fantastic day!

Hi @Mikhail_Kapyrin,

That’s a wonderful suggestion! Have you created a thread about this feature request yet that I could link to?

Done this and also put other offers for improvements to make djay Pro #1 in DJ software :slight_smile:

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