Secondary organising of songs within BPM parameters

I think it would be useful if it was possible to sort by secondary parameters within BPM. For example, in the library I would like to have all of my 128 BPM songs ordered by artist, or album etc. Currently there is no way to choose how the secondary organisation is carried out- it seems fairly random.

Mixx (the platform I’m migrating from) had a fairly simple solution- when you click the heading that does the organising (“artist” “bpm” etc) and then click another heading, the second heading becomes the primary organiser and the first one the secondary one. So for example, if I clicked “artist” then “BPM”, it would organise by artist within the bpm (Eg all of my 128 bpm knife party would be together next to all my 128 BPM deadmau5)

I think this is a simple feature that would greatly increase the usability of the library.

Hi Macro Tiara,

thank you for your feedback. A secondary search parameter is a good idea indeed.
Would be great if other users share their feelings about this.

Lukas E.