set beatgrid shortkey on beatpad


It would be nice to have a beatpad shortkey to set the beatgrid.
As is now I have to do it on my laptops keyboard.

Is there a way I could map it right now? I have djay pro.

But it would be a handy feature in the future.


Please open up “Midi” > “Configure…”. Now, hit the control you want to re-map. Select the Deck you want this to be working for as “Target”, and choose “Set Grid” for “Action”.

Did you try to press CMD-Y? I have a pioneer controller and i’m able to remap keys. I’m using a FX key for “set grid”. Handy.

cheers, rokr

It brings up the mapping settings for my pioneer wego3. Not sure if it works the same for different controllers.

What does the cmd-y do?

Done, thnx!