"Set Grid" button occasionally doesn't update grid line until reload of track

When telling djay pro where exactly the downbeat is (if the initial analysis was off), the “Set Grid” button is perfect. But sometimes the button just doesn’t respond at all. I line up the play marker with where I want the downbeat, tap “Set Grid,” and the grid’s yellow line downbeat indicator doesn’t move at all. Then, if I eject the track and reload it, I find that the grid DID get re-set to where I wanted it. It just didn’t display that to me until reloading it.

Why is this? Is this a bug?

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Beat grid phrasing seems less accurate than previous versions (and also Traktor). Also, the beat grid button does not seem to change anything in this version. Full sync is not accurate most of the time as a result.

This seemed intermittent at first, but it actually happens with every track now. It has become a habit to set a grid line, then just drag the same track back to the same deck. It always refreshes fine, it’s just an extra step.

Confirmed. Not able to set track grid on tracks now. Does nothing when I press the button.

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When I click the Set Grid button on any song nothing happens. This has happened since the latest update.

Does this happen with any track or only with certain ones? If so, can you please sent one of them to “support@algoriddim.com”, so we can try to reproduce this problem? Thanks a lot for your help!

You’re right, guys, it occurred to us, as well. We’ll fix that asap. Stay tuned for the next update! Thanks a lot for the support!