Set saved loops to trigger automatically

I’ve seen this question but am unclear on the answer/solution: other DJ software has the option to arm a loop when saving, so that it triggers automatically whenever the song is played and reaches the loop point. It’s activated via toggle on the saved loop panel. I understand this may be possible for loops saved in the #8 slot, but adding this functionality for any of the saved loop spots would be beneficial.

I’m also curious about this

There is a setting in General preferences (in the MacOS version) that lets you activate loop 1 automatically.
Does that help at all?

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 13.45.13


It is helpful, thank you. I haven’t thought of a use case yet for more than one per track, but it should be simple to implement and add flexibility for users.

Thanks for the suggestion @The_seanwolf and thanks to @spiro for pointing out the setting for the first saved loop. I have forwarded the suggestion to enable this option for all saved loops to the dev team for consideration. Thanks!