Setting up the wego3 with iphone 6 or Ipad mini 1? is this possible?

Setting up the WEGO 3 with iphone 6 or Ipad mini 1? is this possible?

Cant seem to make either device funktion?

iPhone/iPad cable connection support list
iPad Air 2 Yes -
iPad mini 3 Yes -
iPad Air Yes -
iPad mini 2 Yes -
iPad (4th generation) Yes -
iPad mini Yes -
iPad (3rd generation) - Yes with DJC-WeCAi30
iPad 2 - Yes with DJC-WeCAi30
iPhone 6 Plus Yes -
iPhone 6 Yes -
iPhone 5s Yes -
iPhone 5c Yes -
iPhone 5 Yes -
iPhone 4s Yes with DJC-WeCAi30
iPod touch (5th generation) Yes -

Djay 2 detects the controller and sets itself up.

Be sure to put the power cord in the Wego 3 and turn it on, with the tiny power button.

When it detects one midi device, something does work.

What exactly does not work?

Be sure youre outputs are correct, master 1/2 cue 3/4.
Make sure the Wego is turned on and check your volume controlls.
Check your speaker connections. Device (ipad/iphone) volume is off, when connectet to Wego. Use wego sound output.

If this all fails, maybe its broken.

Check midi in settings. Wego3 should be there.

Hi Ben,

Is the “Standby/On” light shining in green?
Is the Wego3 listed at “Preferences” (iPhone) > “General” > “About”?

Once I Have connected via the Lightning cable where is the setup I can get it to work atall?

Hi Ive connect my iphone 6 directly to the controller and booted Djay 2 and nothing happens atall, In Midi Devices 1 is found?

No functionality atall doesnt sync and no output from the sound card?

Its fresh out the box, I cant see anything except split output? how Do I select this or is my WEGO not being seen atall?