Should I EVEN BOTHER! No 4 deck Control on Beatpad 1 or 2 or on terminal MIX 8

In the last 2 weeks I have bought and returned Beatpad 1 & 2 both had no deck 3&4 control for DJAY pro on IPAD. Same with Terminalmix8, Pioneer DDJ- SR - SB2 and Traktor S4 MK2, no midi mapping to use all functions and I also get an error that the unit draws too much power for the IPAD.

I love DJAY pro however if DJAY pro is not going to support the current controllers with midi mappings then whats the use of having it. Your site is also deceiving if you going to mention which controllers work with the iPad DONT put a link to a page that says controllers that are supported or work with DJAY Pro in the same page for iPad. This alone wasted a lot of my time ordering controller that did not work at all or would say there device uses too much power. Get it right or most of us will be going back to Traktor. Now how about Decks 3 and 4 working with the Beatpads… Angry at the no common sense

Wouldn’t it be easy to implement a simple shift key button combination to allow Ipad Pro to switch between deck 1 and 3 + 2 and 4? so the 4 Decks can be used much better on older controllers?

Hi there,

please note that your controller needs to support 4 decks and needs to be iOS ready.
You can still mix with deck 3 + 4 via the touchscreen of your iOS device.

Regarding our Hardware website, all iOS / Android ready controllers are stated in the top section where you can see the supported os via the little icons to there right.
At the bottom you can see all controllers which are natively supported by djay Pro for Mac and therefor don’t need further mappings.

Our apologies for the misunderstanding and any inconvenience caused. We are working constantly on increasing our range of supported iOS controllers but can’t give out specific informations about our future plans, sorry for that.

Also if you have any ideas of improving our hardware site, we are always thankful for feedback.


Lukas E.