“show artwork on label”

I know my question/request might be lame, but can we get the “show artwork on label” plus the vinyl look on the record added to DJay pro. I really liked that look in djay2. Thanks for your time. Keep up the awesome work! Your apps are great!

Hey Jason,
Pictured vinyl available on the Mac Version (Not sure on Windows)
Not IOS, Why? We will never know,
I’ve been requesting this for a long time!

I don’t think so, it maybe that a pictured vinyl uses valuable resources.
I’ve been wishing for this since Pro’s intro.

Graphics, moving graphics takes up more resources.

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for responding. I actually use two (iPad pro 12.9 & iPhone8+)
If i had to pick only one. I would pick iPad Pro 12.9.

Thanks again,
Jason G.

Hopefully they will add it to the new one. (fingers crossed)

Not sure how when the newer devices have more of such resources. Not only that but doesn’t the info get stored when the track is analyzed?

Hi there,

which version of djay Pro are you using?

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