simplified FX mode (esp. for 4 decks), or deck FX group presets?

Someone already suggested something along these lines.

The problem is that the effects UI is incredibly complicated and a headache to use when mixing on 4 decks. In order to simplify it, there ought to be a global effects config panel, and each deck should have routing for effects sends. That’s how a multi-channel studio mixer should work.

For instance, I like to use reverb, delay, and flanger or phaser in my mix. When I bring a track into a new deck, I have to check and see what that deck’s FX options are. I don’t really need 4 reverbs in my mix, it’s a waste!

And there is no multi-preset for this to make it easy to recall my preferred FX setup. Another thing that wastes my time is that it defaults to 100% wet, when always I want to gradually bring it in from dry.

If none of this is added, at least I would like to drag and drop FX blocks to copy/clone them across decks, and also to reorder the FX chain within a deck.

Thanks for considering!

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