Single Deck Mode on iPhone?


I am trying out the app on both iPad and iPhone. I love the single deck mode for prepping tracks, but can’t see it on the iPhone version of the app. And if I am correct, it isn’t mentioned in the app iPhone manual.

Is it just not there, or am I missing something?

Thanks :pray:

I always use the vertical layout with the cue points visible and feel like I am not missing out on stuff since that’s how I hold my phone anyways. Granted, a horizontal layout would be helpful, though.

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Hi @groovekitchen,

Thanks for bringing this up. As @djjoejoe shared, technically you can have one deck mode on iPhone by selecting deck 1 or 2 in “2 deck mode”, which allows for use of a single deck (something you can’t do in 2 deck mode on iPad).

Could you please let me know if using 2 deck mode on the iPhone in this way solves the issue for you? And if not, could you please tell me more about what feature(s) you still find missing, or share more about how you’re wanting to use one deck mode on the iPhone?

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